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What began as a thought in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA is currently praising one hundred years of hard, committed work in the field of health care. In 1888 at the Theological Seminary of the Dutch Reformed Church, an educator and his three understudies had the calling to start their work in Arabia. Dr. John G. Lansing had acquired his enthusiasm for Arabia from his dad, a pioneer laborer in Syria and Egypt. Born in Damascus, John Lansing had dependably felt the get back to Arabia. With the assistance of his three understudies Samuel M. Zwemer, James Cantine and Philip T. Phelps (who later chose not to go to Arabia) he detailed an arrangement to make what was to end up plainly known as the Arabian Mission ( American mission hospital).

At the time, there were not very many missionaries being sent to Arabia. Career at american mission hospitalDr. Lansing, Mr. Zwemer and Mr. Cantine would need to think of their own accounts to finance the Arabian Mission. On May 23rd 1888, the gathering marked their arrangement, and work started to get endorsement from the Board of Foreign Missions. On June 26th the board passed their acknowledgment and the Arabian Mission was born. Through the individual gifts of a few people, the Arabian Mission at long last had enough cash to send their first missionary out.

On October sixteenth, 1889 James Cantine was conveyed to start dialect contemplate in Syria. After a year, on June 28th 1890, Samuel Zwemer lined and got together with Cantine in Beirut. Hence, Cantine flew out to Suez, Aden, Belhaaf, Muscat, Bombay, Bandar Abbas, Bushire, Bahrain and Basra, where the Arabian Mission initially made its base.

Job Code
Pediatrician HR003
Pharmacist HR005
Female Physiotherapist HR019
General Physician HR009
Internist HR011
Neurologist HR012
Obstetrician/Gynaecologist HR013
General Surgeon HR001
Female Dermatologist HR006
Orthopaedic Surgeon HR007
Ob-Gyn Sonologist HR014
Ophthalmologist HR015
Medical Transcriptionist HR016

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